Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I ask a question or get help from Mic?

A: Several ways! Check them out below! 

1. Connect on social media. Please understand we get a TON of messages daily, and it is very hard to get to all, so commenting directly on the latest post on Instagram or Facebook, or the relevant YouTube video with your question is your best bet! Others may have the same question, and comments help with our engagement than a direct message. Direct messages are also more likely to get lost in the mix with the flooding inbox's. 

2. Search our massive library of videos on YouTube! Go to the channel your question relates to (MicBergsma or Mitch's Scooter Stuff) on a desktop computer (this is important as the search feature is not yet available on a tablet/phone) and use the search tool box on the home page to search for what you need! For example: You are trying to decide between the Hero6 or the Hero7 camera and want to do more pictures than video. You could search 'Hero6 versus Hero7 photo quality' or even just 'GoPro comparison' and you will get a ton of videos to watch relating to this. Also, be sure to check out the playlists on the channel, as this can help you even more. For example, on our scooter channel each scooter model has it's own playlist with only videos related to that model. 

3. If you want more detailed one on one help, or a guaranteed response and priority response time, check out our membership plans where you can text directly with Mitch anytime at this number: +1 808 201 7191 or click here: http://bit.ly/TEXTMIC

Q: I am a business/individual looking to collaborate or inquire about rates? 

A: Contact Lori Bergsma - hire.micbergsma@gmail.com Please note this email is for business correspondence only.

Q: What cameras do you use?

A: I am currently using GoPro Hero9 Black, GoPro MAX, Sony a6500, iPhone 12Pro, and DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

You can shop all my favorite cameras here on my website under 'Shop' in the menu above! Purchasing through these links helps support me as a creator and the making of more free videos on YouTube, as I earn a small commission for each sale from the companies. Mahalo! 

Q: What editing programs do you use? 

A: Video - Final Cut Pro X for Mac  Photo - Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

Q: How do you choose and edit videos with music if you are deaf? 

A: My wife and business partner Lori helps me with finding music and editing.

Q: Where do you get your music you use in videos?

A: Click on the 'Music' link in the 'Shop' drop down menu above. This is the huge music library I have been using for years that you can use on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. And you can try it for free! Check it out. 

Q: Your videos have helped/inspired me so much and I want to donate to the MicBergsma/Mitch's Scooter Stuff channels, how can I do this?

A: Thank you so much!! We pour our hearts into creating FREE videos for everyone to enjoy, learn from, inspire, and more! And we greatly appreciate the support! You can donate here through our PayPal account: 



And please drop us a little note to let us know why you wanted to donate if you wish. We like to give shoutouts in future videos to whoever donates as a thank you. :)