Hey! I'm Mitch aka Mic. I never planned on being a 'YouTuber' or dreamed that I would have ended up doing what I do today. But, here's a quick story of how I got there and how myself and my team evolved! 


It all started with my many hobbies, or passions. Growing up in Washington state, I had an early love of fixing up scooters and took pictures of each step along the way. I also loved water sports which fueled my passion for wakeboarding.

My first experience with filming was when I asked for a camcorder for high school graduation.

From then on I always had a camera in hand. Filming everything in my life; family, friends, and my many hobbies.

After graduation I decided to move to Colorado from Washington. It was here that I excelled at wake boarding and desired to take it to the next level. 

This goal to advance my wake boarding skills, took me to Florida where I could ride year round and successfully competed professionally. Another opportunity in the sport landed me in Texas in 2004. Here is where all my passions collided.


In 2009 I started my first YouTube channel 'MicBergsma', purely just for fun and to share videos of my life and scooter projects with friends and family. With the request of a friend that needed help with their scooter, I started uploading scooter tutorial videos. I was surprised to learn how much these videos where helping others and how much I loved teaching. This has since evolved into my second YouTube channel 'MitchsScooterStuff', which is devoted 100% to scooters. 

Enter my first GoPro camera in 2010, and I attached it to everything! This changed the course of my life and career. At this point my YouTube channel was gaining attention and had acquired many followers.


With the popularity of the GoPro Tips, the MicBergsma channel took off. GoPro as a company, noticed and a relationship was formed. I have been a GoPro family member for quite some time now and work closely with the company in various ways.

With my newly found teaching skills, my love for filming, and the new camera; ‘GoPro Tips’ were born!

Realizing my ability to help people easily understand how to film better, in an entertaining way, was how I found my niche.



Although my channel is mostly GoPro tips, it has evolved over the years to include product reviews, travels, adventures, my hobbies, and true everything in my life that I want to share. 


I feel what sets me apart from many others is not only that I am completely self taught with no formal schooling in videography or photography, but I also have been deaf since birth. And I have never let this get in the way of my many goals and dreams. 

Another big turning point, is when I met Lori, now my wife and business partner! She is the glue that keeps it all together! After we got engaged in 2015, she started working full time for the MicBergsma brand. She plays a part in literally everything such as filming, editing, music selection, client communications, business management, brand direction and more much more. Together we are ‘Team MicBergsma’!

Lori and I decided we weren't done on our dreams just yet. In 2018, we decided to make a life change and moved to the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii where we currently reside.